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25, القوس
إرسال إكرامية
تفاصيل هامة عن goddessKathy
التفضيل الجنسيثنائي الجنس
الارتفاع5' - 5'3" [150سم - 160سم]
الوزن100 - 120 باوند[46 - 55 كغم]
العرقأبيض / قوقازي
اللغاتالإنجليزية, النرويجية
النصف العلويمتوسطة الحجم
ما يجعلني مشتهية
When you're turned on, there's no hiding your boner. It's very obvious when a dude is hot in the pants.
I expect good manners, respect and politeness at at all times
ما يطفئ شهوتي
A tender look, a smart discussion, true gentleman with good sense of humor and respect for others. Thought-provoking chat is even highly welcomed. A sincere, deep looks, as well as romantic gestures, passionate hearts and minds are very alluring elements for me. People who think outside the box inspire me. Nothing more sexy than a man with personality and love intelligence. Just be yourself and be respectful! Please do not be pushy hurry guy, because i know where to press to block you!
ما الذي نفعله على الكاميرا
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