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19, الحمل, united states, texas
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التفضيل الجنسيثنائي الجنس
الارتفاع5' - 5'3" [150سم - 160سم]
الوزن100 - 120 باوند[46 - 55 كغم]
الشعرامرأة سمراء
العرقلاتيني / اسباني
اللغاتالإنجليزية, الأسبانية
مسقط الرأس
النصف العلويضخم
ما يجعلني مشتهية
A Man Who Understands My Worth - Tips and gifts
I am very generous to those who are generous to me I love being spoiled
ما يطفئ شهوتي
Rude Disrespectful Greedy cheap Man !!
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الاثنين 10:00 ص – 6:00 م
الثلاثاء 10:00 ص – 6:00 م
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الخميس 10:00 ص – 6:00 م
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الأحد 10:00 ص – 6:00 م
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hey beybi
iskam dase vidin
You are so beautiful. The sexy eyes which can melt a man's soul (a woman's too)... that silky hair... those perfectly soft and shapely breasts... that wonderfully toned body flexing in every pleasurable detail with the pleasure you receive... You are amazing in every way. Have fun with what you are doing, and do it for fun. You can't put out a bad video, so don't feel pressured to do anything. Just do you, and you will be golden. Thank you so much for sharing yourself!
The most beautiful and sexy woman on here. I love the way you please your fans. One very special woman.
Damn, the total package. Beauty, sexy ass, nice tits, sexy eyes, pretty smile, and an amazing pretty pussy mmmmm
wow you are so hot